Social Pictures

VIII Young Investigator’s Workshop

MUNCYT Coruña, 28 Dic 2017

María has visited for two weeks the MRC Harwell in Oxfordshire (UK) thanks to the COST Action BM1402:MouseAGE

VII International Young Investigador Meeting

Fundación Barrié (A Coruña)
Paula Carpintero in the 6th Spanish proteomics Society Congress held in Cádiz
Enjoying the Spanish GRADSchool (Vitae) organized for Fundación Barrié. Thanks for the invitation!
Inauguration of the session “Connexins and Pannexins based-channels: Therapeutic Applications”
Maria Mayan with the Director of CICA and the Vice Rector of Research and Transfer of University of A Coruña
Filippo Molica, Mathieu Vinken, Brenda Kwak, Morten Schak, Nanna MacAulay, Arantxa Tabernero, Patricia Martin, Jaime Rodríguez, María Mayán, Luis Barrio, Jonathan Gibbins and Scott Johnstone with young researchers in A Coruña
Lunch after a Thesis Defence in Santiago de Compostela. Lovely place, Lovely people, lovely food.
Celebrating a successful meeting at the SEBBM Congress in Salamanca.
Marina in Barcelona and Marta in Dublin. We miss you, girls!
We spent two days in Ponferrada.
Thanks to Dr. Fonseca for organizing the group meeting
I had a great time in Córdoba thanks to Dr. Quesada
EULAR congress in London.
Time to work and to enjoy
The last day of Raquel in the lab.
We wish you the best for the future! Enjoy Norway and come back soon!
BIOINTEGRASAUDE in Santiago de Compostela
Science Day  (A Coruña)
Marta, Paula and Alba representing the CellCOM Research Group
WCO-IOF-ESCEO Congress in Málaga
Marta, Raquel and Paula with Rocio Sanjúan Jiménez
Congrats to Raquel Gago for the Thesis Defense!!
April 2016
Marta and Paula with one of their favorite order
After the lab meeting on Friday afternoon

IYI Meeting:

Family photo. Among others with Anxo Vidal, Manuel Carreiras, Xosé Bustelo, Mercedes Dosil, Marisol Soengas, José Antonio Esteban, Fátima Gebauer, Juan Valcárcel, Javier Montenegro, Hugo Gutiérrez, Iria Gómez, José Tubio, Miguel Blanco, Elena Rodríguez…
Raquel Gago in Ghent University together with her fellows (Luc Leybaert lab)
Adrián Varela, Marta Varela and Paula Carpintero in a popular TV show!!!
Jimena and Marisa Martínez-Robles in Madrid
Adrián Varela with his fellows in GRADschool  (Fundación Barrié)

Some pictures of the “Gap Junction Conference: Therapeutic Applications” and Science Xpression workshop

Scott Johnstone, Dale Laird, Christian Giaume, Susana Sangiao, Trond Aasen, Luis Barrio, Marc Mesnil, Christian Naus, Anxo Vidal, María Mayán, Mathieu Vinken and Arantxa Tabernero

Several events

Presentation of our research project in the MUNCYT A Coruña. Some pictures of our last days in PRECIPITA (A great experience and hard work! Thank you very much!!!!!
Congrats to Adrian Varela for the Master Defense!! 26th June 2015 – Highest qualification (High Honors)
Raquel Gago showing her last results at BioIntegraSaúde VIGO
Thanks to the organizers for selecting our research work for 2 oral presentations at EULAR 2015. Thanks to Maxime Breban to select some of our results to show in the final Highlight Session
PINT OF SCIENCE ES (Santiago de Compostela)
Cell Signaling: Recent Trends in Biomedical Research 2015 INIBIC, UDC, MUNCYT and Fundación Barrié. 14 -16 April 2015, A Coruña
X  SYMPOSIUM of Dermatology organized by Dr. Fonseca
Congrats to Paula Carpintero for the Thesis Defense!! 13th April 2015
We thank the ESCEO Scientific Advisory Board for the 2015 ESCEO-Eli Lilly Scholarship Award to Dr. Mayán
Xosé Bustelo, María Mayán, Marisol Soengas and Anxo Vidal at the V RGJIE 2014 celebrated in Fundación Barrié
The inaugural event – María Mayán, Francisco Blanco Sonia Martínez Arca, Javier López, Manuel Varela Rey, Patricia Rey and Anxo Vidal V RGJIE 2014.pdf
Several events 2014
Science Xpression at Fundación Barrié
Galicia connection – Estrella Galicia in a connexin channel conformation!! (Science Xpression)
Paula in New Haven (Yale University) together with her fellows
We thank the Spanish Society of Rheumatology (SER) for selecting two of our studies for the awards in Arhtritis and Basic Science!